Our 5° school Trip to Northern England

From Tuesday, May 22nd to Sunday, May 27th, the 7th grade students of Mère Teresa school went to England during 4 days.

The students were divided into 2 groups. In each coach, there were 4 teachers. Well, we were in the second coach, we will talk about it !

We drove for 2 hours and had a break for dinner. After 1 hour, we got in the coach and continued the road during the night. We arrived at the Channel Tunnel around 6am.

Day 1 : York
After passing the Channel Tunnel, we played, talked, listened to music and at 8.30am, we had breakfast. We drove again, had lunch and arrived in York. We did a track game and visited York in small groups of 12 students with a teacher. We walked on the walls and bought a lot of souvenirs !
This afternoon was so funny! At the end of the afternoon, we met our host families, ate dinner and went to sleep.

Day 2 : Gosforth Central Middle School
After a good night in a real bed, we ate our breakfast and prepared. We joined our classmates, got on the coach and went to Newcastle for Gosforth Central Middle School! We met our penpals, visited the school and ate lunch. We played Rounders (it’s like baseball) and questioned our penpals. We took a photo of all the students of GCMS and Mere Teresa Middle School. At 4pm, we got back in the coach and drove back to our host families in York.

Day 3 : Beamish
In the morning, we had breakfast and joined all the students at the meeting point. We drove again, to finally arrive in Beamish ! We took the tram to visit Beamish Open Air Museum. We could buy cakes, candy and some souvenirs, and we ate lunch. We went to a farm, a mine and an old house. We returned to York after the visit and joined our host families. This day was cool !

Day 4 : Cambridge
We ate breakfast and packed for the return to France, said goodbye to the host families and joined our classmates and teachers. We went to Cambridge. We did a treasure hunt to visit the city and bought souvenirs. We got cookies as our treasure hunt reward. It was delicious! Finally, we went to the coach to leave England and return to France. We drove for a while and stopped for dinner. We laughed and talked about the football game. While we were talking about football, the coach crossed the Channel Tunnel. The teachers sang. Then, the teachers told us we had to sleep. We arrived in Villeurbanne at 7.30am and we saw all the parents waiting.

This trip was really cool and we want to say a big Thank you to Miss Beils and all the teachers for organizing the trip !!

Kim-Lane Lingois and Jaëlle Kouassi, 5°Ebadi