The Four Wishes, by theYear 9 Mother Teresa Advanced English Company

After we saw the Four Wishes performed by Pickles by EITC, we decided to play it by ourselves !

Our teacher adapted the text for us, we distributed all the roles and created some more and we spent 3 weeks rehearsing, creating the settings and chosing our different props.

Even our 2 pupils from the ULIS section joined us in this project: Manon was responsible for our props and organisation backstage while Alexander was given a role as a bodyguard.

We were lucky to have a violin player in an other class, so we asked Klaudio to play for us together with our music teacher, Mr Pinard.

On Friday, January 26th at 6.30pm, we were very proud to play for our families and our teachers but also for the pupils who had played ‘The House’ two years ago when we were in Year 7.

Everybody enjoyed the play and we received loads of applause !

The following Monday morning, we played at 9 and at 11 in front of all the Year 7.

And as we didn’t want to stop this wonderful experience, we also asked to play in front of the CM2!

Here are some of our reactions and feelings about this experience :

  • La pièce nous a rapproché et a créé des liens différents de ceux qu’on avait avant. On était tous impliqué.
  • J’ai adoré jouer devant les autres ! On a beaucoup pratiqué notre oral !
  • Cela m’a permis de prendre confiance en moi !
  • Même si je n’aimais pas le théâtre avant, j’ai adoré jouer ! C’était super d’être sur scène !
  • C’était très agréable d’apprendre autrement (du vocabulaire, des expressions…) en jouant une pièce de théâtre ! C’est un super projet de groupe !


Marjane, Ema, Esther, Klarisa, Ayssia, Natacha, Kyera, Laetitia H,
Mae, Lisa, Polina,Lilia, Jasmine, Laetitia S, Mathilde, Eliot,
James, Marc, Joseph, Nourredine, and Benjamin