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Voyage à Reading

School Trip to England From Sunday, April 22nd to Saturday, April 28th  the students of 4e and 3e of Mother Teresa School left France and got the chance to visit some of the greatest cities of England. 96 students and 8 teachers came to the trip. We had an appointment in front of the school …

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American Show

Good morning! So today we are going to speak to you about our beautiful adventure, our English show : « The American Dream ». So, we are pupils in 3ème Advanced English and everything began when we saw the incredible show presented by our friends who are in 4ème Advanced English. We liked the show and we …

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Retour de la bilangue Anglais-Italien dès septembre 2018

Pour la rentrée 2018, le collège Mère Teresa propose les sections bilangues Anglais-Allemand et Anglais-Italien. Les élèves étudient ainsi deux langues vivantes en parallèle dès la classe de 6ème. Le latin est possible dès la classe de 5ème.  

Accueil des nouveaux sixièmes le lundi 25 juin

Les nouveaux sixièmes seront accueillis le lundi 25 juin à 17H30. Cet accueil leur permetra de faire connaissance avec des enseignants de 6ème et l’ensemble des collaborateurs de M. Chevallier. Enfin une visite de l’établissement vous sera proposée.

The Four Wishes, by theYear 9 Mother Teresa Advanced English Company

After we saw the Four Wishes performed by Pickles by EITC, we decided to play it by ourselves ! Our teacher adapted the text for us, we distributed all the roles and created some more and we spent 3 weeks rehearsing, creating the settings and chosing our different props. Even our 2 pupils from the …

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Our Scottish Partnership

This year, the Year 9 Advanced English pupils are very lucky to take part in a school exchange program with a Scottish school from Edinburgh. They started writing to each other in October, then exchanged their social network adresses. In March, they took an Easyjet flight for Edinburgh and spent a whole week in their …

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